Old Norse Links

This is a list of Old Norse resources compiled by vikinglanguage.com. It comprises materials we have collected or been referred to by Viking Language FB Group members. It is a work in progress and in no way a complete list. 

Open Access Resources - Old Norse Databases and Libraries

Viking Society Web Publications: www.vsnrweb-publications.org.uk

Icelandic Saga Database: http://sagadb.org/

Heimskringla Wiki: http://heimskringla.no/wiki/Main_Page

Medieval Nordic Text Archive: http://www.menota.org/forside.xhtml

The Northvegr Center: http://northvegr.org/

Snerpa: http://www.snerpa.is/net/

Old Norse Texts Online: http://texts.oldnorsenews.org/

Old Norse Resources
(by Paul Langeslag): www.on.langeslag.org/

List of ON links
(compiled by compiled by Patricia Boulhosa): http://www.oe.eclipse.co.uk/nom/norselinks.htm

Skaldic Poetry database: https://www.abdn.ac.uk/skaldic/db.php

Open Access Library (general): http://www.gutenberg.org/ AND https://archive.org/details/texts

Old Norse vocabulary

Vikings of Bjornstad, English to Old Norse Dictionary: 

Vikings of Bjornstad, Old Norse to English Dictionary: 

Dictionary of Old Norse Prose: http://onp.ku.dk/english/

Bragi óðfræðivefur: http://bragi.info/ljod.php?ID=2335

Beyingarlýsing íslensks nútímamáls: http://bin.arnastofnun.is/forsida/

Islex Dictionary
(with pronunciation): http://islex.lexis.hi.is/islex/islex?infen=1

Norse Vocab Flash Card page: http://homepages.uc.edu/~wulft/Norse/FlashCard/index.html

Annotated Saga Text: http://homepages.uc.edu/~wulft/Norse/saga/AfUpHadingKonings/index.html

Blogs and pages on Old Norse and Viking & Medieval subjects:

Other Interesting Sites

Sagnakort, Iceland: http://www.sagnakort.net/#